Monday, May 19, 2008


As more and more directory sites pop up online, we decided it would be worthwhile to compile a database of online directories and notes on each.
QLD Sole Operators will no doubt find this helpful.

No database like this has been compiled before and Crimson Coalition would like to assist sole operators find clarity in the murkiness of the online ad market.

Online classifieds such as,, have not been reviewed here. I have focused on escort service specific directories.

  • Australian Babe - .This site is well established online. Its scope is Australia wide in both appeal and audience. Private escorts from all States and Territories advertise here. The pressence of QLD sole operators is rather large making the site a popular choice amongst QLD workers. The forum is busy with a constant banter and chatter of clients, service providers and 'hobbyists'. The advertising rates are $175 per month. The site is owned by Nikki, a former worker herself. The service provider pictures are verified by Nikki.
  • Aussie Escorts - - The site claims to attract 1500 vistors a day. The site appears most popular with Victorian and NSW Escorts as they make up the majority of the advertisers. No service providers appear on the the QLD, S.A. or N.T pages. The ad rates are $125 per month upwards.
  • Gold Coast Escorts - Brisbane Escorts .... - Gold Coast Escort .... . These two directory sites are QLD specific. The site's owner, Shirl, is a Gold Coast local who maintains a close bond with advertisers on her site. Many go on tour and list several cities above their picture. The site also provides a local directory for Strippers, Brothels and Adult Shops thereby attracting more 'accidental surfers' The cost to advertise is $155 per month
  • Escorts of Australia - - Has listings Australia wide. The pressence of QLD escorts is dismal compared to the amount of Sydney escorts and escort agencies that have advertised here. The cost is $150 per month upwards. Advertisers are escorts, agencies, brothels and photographers. Rachel and Alexa have 20 years industry experience. Note: site being updated at time of assessment
  • Sensual Downunder - - Has listings of private workers and Sydney brothels. The escorts that appear on the site tour regularly and few are from QLD. The majority however are Sydney service providers. The forum is host to 11,000 members. Escort Blogs also feature on the site giving punters a voyeristic insight into the mind of an Escort. Listings appear for all major capital cities and there is an international link. This is one of the larger sites appealing to a wider audience and not necessarily the paying type or the QLD state specific type. Not many QLD service providers appear on the site. The advertising fee is $120 however there is a "free listing" option with cross promotion being the condition.
  • Fun In Australia - - This site boasts the busiest forum in Australia. At 3:51am Tuesday, there were 133 active members online. There are over 24,000 registered members. The Escort directory is ancillary to the main hub of the site being the chatrooms. Accountability is evident looking at the site. An advertiser is informed of how many visits their listing has attracted and is able to make better marketing decisions. On the downside, there is no listed set price for advertising, rather packages are tailored to suit. Many suggestions are submitted yet suitability is determined on a case by case basis. Can anyone give a rough idea of price? Qld escorts are eclipsed by NSW and VIC service providers. Many of the service providers tour regularly to Qld.
  • Adult Sydney - - this is more an adult online community than a directory site. Allowance is made for escorts to list their ads and this is for free. As the site's name indicates, Sydney is the dominant feature.
  • Working Girls Online - - this site aims at the international community. The good news is that it is free to place an ad... the site requests that you refer others and / or mention them on your site. Not many QLD sole operators appear on the site yet the service is fairly new and its early days.
  • Private Girls Australia - - This is a new site that caters to audience Australia wide. The site is still in its early stages. The site's developer has experience in the sex industry. The site is aimed at supporting private workers as well as directing punters that wish to use private workers to a site that exclusivley hosts them. There are plenty of QLD escorts that appear here as well as escorts from other states. The advertising costs have not been disclosed.
  • Adultfinder - - in order for punters to navigate this site, they must register and pay a nominal fee. This is a drawback, however, the cost to list your ad is free. The site is aimed at an Australia wide audience and the state of QLD is well represented.
  • Escort Source - - aims to provide escort services Australia wide. The site features a handful of NSW sole operators. The advertising prices are provided upon email request
  • Escort Pages - - claims to be the leading escort directory in Australia. Private Escorts and Agencies can list. 200 plus listings so far and 3000 hits a day according to site published statistics. QLD is well represented in its numbers. The pricing is disclosed upon request to be made by email request.
  • Escorts In Oz - - This is a new site. The scope is Australia wide. Free advertising. Ad information to be sent via email
  • Hot Escorts - - established online in 2006, it serves as a directory for private escorts, escort agencies and brothels Australia wide 'offering exposure nationally and internationally' (note: just how much exposure is unknown). It seems that this directory is best suited to operators with their own site. Some may find value in having it just as a listing as its free to advertise on Hot Escorts (provided that a link to them (or a referral) is placed on your site.)
  • After Dark Australia - - This new site is popular with QLD service providers. Monthly advertising fee of $165.00. The site is open to sole operators, brothels, nude models, strippers and a ' buy my underwear' link...hmmm? NOTE: THE SITE HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN
  • Australian Courtesans - - This is a new site. The scope is Australia wide. Free advertising. Online form fulfills ad requirements.
  • Australian Escorts - has very little QLD advertisers. The magority of ads are NSW service providers. The site hosts a large forum member list. It also gives updated news on members. It has an extensive LINK network (see below). To advertise an email is to be sent to Diane, who will then advise of costs - we were quoted $250 per month.
  • Escorts Brisbane and Queensland Escorts - AND are part of the AUSTRALIAN ESCORTS NETWORK

PLEASE NOTE: I have not reviewed "Big Black Book" or "Escort Looker" because quite frankly, I dont know how to. They are reading like agencies or'bait' for other businesses / services. can anyone assist?

If you are able to provide a review, please email.

Have I missed any?

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