Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Qld Prostitution in the News - update

THE NEWS: Indy prostitution angers judge

From: The Courier-Mail October 26, 2007


IN A NUTSHELL - during Indy there was a PETF undercover operation - ARRESTED were 1 male driver + 2 female sex workers.

Magistrate Brian Kilmartin said the driver was a " key player in the gross exploitation and trafficking of women" (Workers are ASIAN = "trafficked"(?!)). Workers seen as victims - sympathy for poor darlings noted, gross discrepancy between advertised age and actual ages publicised. Driver was not seen as a means of protection or safety for the workers during Indy.

ALL FOR THE FOLLOWING OUTCOME... Workers: FINED $200 no conviction recorded. Driver FINED $500 conviction recorded.

THE OUTCOME FOR THE SEX INDUSTRY - 30 comments from Mr John and Ms Jane Citzen show that client confidence in accuracy of descriptions in advert is now at an all time LOW. Mistrust by public placed in Asian Worker Escort Services linking to trafficked women assumptions. The Magistrate (called Judge in header) should be noted for his anti-prostitution stance. Defence Lawyer BILL POTTS argued that sex workers need someone to drive them and help keep them safe.

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