Wednesday, August 27, 2008



Until such time we have funding for an Ugly Mug List, you can email details of Ugly Mugs to

INCIDENT DETAILS: The worker who was attacked reported that the attack occurred on31/07/08, when he put his hands around her throat and attempted to strangle her during sex.
She's a sole operator in the Brisbane CBD, and her attacker called himself Nathan, appeared to be of Indian descent, but spoke with aScottish accent. The last 5 digits of his phone number are 89568. He was medium height, good-looking, and appeared to be in his late 20s. He had a green/blue heart-shaped tattoo on his right upper arm.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get Involved

Its time to get busy and get involved.Crimson Coalition* is a group of Queensland sex workers and former sex workers who work together to:

· uphold basic rights of sex workers

· have input into Queensland sex industry law reform, health and safety services, industrial relations and community attitudes

· keep each other informed about what is going on in the Queensland sex industry

· find out about legalities of working in different venues: e.g. brothels, private, street, escort etc.· enjoy a safe network of sex industry professionals where you are free to express yourself without fear of judgement and stigma.

· attend peer networked social outings and have some fun!

REMEMBER Crimson Coalition is currently a voluntary network with no funding so everything we do is achieved through the intelligence, passion and willpower of sex workers and support from our members!

* Formerly called SSPAN (Sexual Service Providers’ Advocacy Network

Originally posted April 7, 2008

Queensland Health Meeting

Today members of Crimson Coalition, USNQ (United Sex Workers, North Queensland) and Scarlet Alliance attended a meeting with Queensland Health Communicable Diseases Unit in Brisbane to discuss the results of the recent review of Queensland sex worker needs by Rigmor Berg and Julie Bates.

There was considerable optimism about the probability that a new independant sex worker organisation would be funded to replace SQWISI.

Watch this space for news....

Candi xx