Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get Involved

Its time to get busy and get involved.Crimson Coalition* is a group of Queensland sex workers and former sex workers who work together to:

· uphold basic rights of sex workers

· have input into Queensland sex industry law reform, health and safety services, industrial relations and community attitudes

· keep each other informed about what is going on in the Queensland sex industry

· find out about legalities of working in different venues: e.g. brothels, private, street, escort etc.· enjoy a safe network of sex industry professionals where you are free to express yourself without fear of judgement and stigma.

· attend peer networked social outings and have some fun!

REMEMBER Crimson Coalition is currently a voluntary network with no funding so everything we do is achieved through the intelligence, passion and willpower of sex workers and support from our members!

* Formerly called SSPAN (Sexual Service Providers’ Advocacy Network

Originally posted April 7, 2008

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