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A new sex worker group with a fresh approach....


How does Crimson Coalition differ from SQWISI?

For a start we have no funding! Well, as you may know, SQWISI (Self-Health for Queensland Workers in the Sex Industry) is no longer around. SQWISI was funded to provide sexual health education for Queensland sex workers and in later years, as their funding was reduced, could provide little support outside of this area.

SQWISI was no longer a member of Scarlet Alliance partly because they didn't make it a priority to employ sex work peers as outreach workers.

Crimson Coalition supports and is a member of Scarlet Alliance - the Australian peak sex work organisation. We agree with their objectives which can be found at

Sex work in Queensland is restricted by legislation that criminalises sex workers operating outside the scope of the law. Sex work is legal in two scenarios: licensed brothel and privates working alone (aka 'sole operators'). This itself isolates sex workers (even those working within the law) from the usual work support a worker in any other industry has access to.

Crimson Coalition is a network of sex workers joining forces and giving each other peer to peer support and strength as well as an exchange of resources and information (including sex worker friendly business referrals).

A worker's legal status is irrelevant. We support all sex workers.

It is agreed that the best way to eradicate exploitation and stigmatisation is through pride, power and knowledge. That is the effect Crimson Coaltion aims for.

Crimson Coaltion is geared towards legal incorporation as an association and welcome memberships, donations and opinions.

Sounds great! What about sex worker's health matters?

The health of sex workers is very important to Crimson Coalition. We believe that a wholistic approach to health is needed - sexual health, occupational health and safety, mental health, physical health and safety. We are concerned that public money for sexual health education will be available soon and will end up being administered by non-peer based organisations. Sex workers know that sexual health is just one area of importance and we stress that sex worker issues need a whole of government approach. A lot of Queensland government departments need to get on board - not just Communicable Diseases Branch!

Why 'Crimson Coalition' as a name?

Well, Scarlet Alliance is the national peak body on sex worker rights. 'Scarlet' is a shade of RED ... funnily enough.... the sex worker group in Victoria is RhED.... In Western Australia, Magenta (a pinky red) is the sex worker group.... So, keeping in tradition of the 'woman in red', and wanting another word that connotes ALLIANCE, the members at our last meeting agreed on 'CRIMSON COALITION'...

How do I join?

You must be a current or former sex worker. No sex industry business owners or managers (sorry) are able to join as Full Peer Members because we believe that there exists a conflict between the financial interests of operators and the true interests of sex workers. Sex industry operators who wish to support us may join as Supporter Members but this membership confers no voting rights. Supporter Membership is $50.

Your Full Peer Membership must be nominated by an existing member. Each membership applicaton is assessed independantly on its merits and outcome is the Committee's discretion. Full Peer Membership is $10.

I am not a sex worker or a sex industry operator but wish to support Crimson Coalition. Can I get involved?

Yes you can join as an Supporter Member for $50.

Anyone can lobby for sex workers rights! Get active online or vocal in writing. Recognise restrictive actions and stop anyone who applys them. Basically, be brave, loud and proud.

If you have a skill or knowledge resource that you feel may assist, email we are just starting to make an impact and are close to incorporation. Some of our long term goals include setting up a website, monthly print publication and office with staff and facilities. If you think you can help (eg: discount on office goods, IT Support, Logo Design etc) we would love to hear from you.

We thank all of our supporters and have a special Supporters Membership. It's slightly more expensive yet is well worth when you consider privacy issues that arise, at $50 per membership application. Supporter Members have limited rights regarding Votes at the AGM, yet this should not be something of issue as I'm sure supporters of Crimson Coalition would seek membership for the wonderful insight gained.

How can I donate?

You can donate to Crimson Coalition by:

POST (bank cheque, cheque, money order made out to 'Crimson Coalition' ) to:
P.O. Box 2470 New Farm Qld 4005 [receipts mailed out only upon request]

BANK direct deposit / EFT into:

St. George Bank, Brisbane City Branch,
Account Name: Crimson Coalition
BSB: 114 879
Account Number: 483605476

Can I come to a meeting?

YES! Meetings are held on the every two weeks at times and venues to be announced but please note:


ANY MORE QUESTIONS? Please email them to

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