Saturday, September 29, 2007




Crimson Coalition (formerly SSPAN) Queensland is a member organisation of Scarlet Alliance (the Australian national peak sex worker organisation). Our objectives are in keeping with the basic aims and philosophy of the Scarlet Alliance.
ALL Members of Crimson Coalition must support and agree with the following objectives:-

1 To promote the civil and human rights of past and present sex workers and to work toward ending all forms of discrimination against them;

2 To lobby for legal and administrative frameworks which do not discriminate against sex workers;

3 To challenge any government at any time when and where it implements legislation, regulations, rules, policies or law enforcement practices which are discriminatory and /or repressive to the rights and autonomy of sex workers;

4 To actively promote the right of all sex workers to work in whatever area of their chosen occupation;

5 To actively work towards guaranteeing the right of all sex workers to optimum occupational health and safety provisions. This will promote conditions where safe sex and general health knowledge can be converted to safe work practices. Furthermore, challenge any legislation, policy or process which does not so promote the rights of the worker;

6 To strive to eradicate sex worker stereotypes and stigmatisation in the popular consciousness and to communicate the diversity of ideas, opinions and aspirations of past and present sex workers;

7 To liaise with national and state sex worker rights groups in the development of regional and national networks, programs and objectives;

8 To support sex workers to become more politically active;

9 To enhance the capacity of sex workers to participate in advancing their rights and build networks & organisations;

10 To gather and disseminate sex industry related information to members;
11 To operate with a peer-based, peer-education philosophy which we believe to be the most efficient means of disseminating safe-sex, violence prevention and rights-awareness messages to sex workers
12 To provide peer-based services to sex workers

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