Saturday, March 22, 2008


Its been over three months since we have updated this Blog site.

Over three months has passed since our Christmas gifts.

For the record, the gift packs contained condoms, lube, candy cane, christmas card, sex worker issues relevance survey, organisation brochure with membership form and a handbeaded bracelet - each in a handpainted fabric drawstring bag.


The Crimson Coalition Christmas Gift packs were handed out to fellow Queensland sex workers, our peers, in a gesture of good faith, happy holiday wishes and our upmost support, effort and sincerty in 'giving' to our peers.. The candy cane, Christmas card, handpainted fabric drawstring bag and hand beaded bracelet that accompanied the standard 'prophylactic handout' would have no doubt made this apparent.

The gift packs were also hope of 'spreading the word' of Crimson Coalition and informing fellow sex workers and business managers throughout the industry of our pressence, aims and objectives -this was mainfested by the inclusion of an information brochure about Crimson Coalition with an invitation to become involved with Crimson Coalition through our peer and affilate membership.

We also hoped to gain input from sex workers in Queensland of matters they regard as being important to them so that we may obtain an overall summation of the key issues and needs of sex workers in Queensland and pass this information on to the relevant persons nominated by Queensland Health to obtain such feedback. A survey requesting such input was included in each pack.

100 packs were distributed.

The majority of the packs were distributed to legal brothels in Queensland. A small percentage of the packs were given to sole operators and illegal sex workers. With each brothel that we delivered our packs to, we also included a bottle of wine with the Crimson Coalition label as a token of our appreciation and best holiday wishes to the management of the establishment.

It was Christmas and we were in the 'Christmas spirit' of giving - with a cause.

Does it seem a little bit odd that over three months has passed and we have not received ONE SURVEY OR MEMBERSHIP FORM OR EMAIL from a brothel sex worker?

If any gift recipients are reading this and can shed some light on the subject please do so as its quite disturbing and somewhat a concern to Crimson Coalition ; do brothel workers not wish to identify themselves with the other sectors of the industry? Or were they 'influenced' or swayed or even cautioned by the Premises not to associate themselves with Crimson Coalition?

We had expected at least ONE survey returned or at the very least an email from at least ONE worker saying 'THANK YOU' or making further enquiries about Crimson Coalition itself or the Relevance Survey. Were the bags and the bracelets discarded too?

Its the output / input disproportion that saddens me the most. Especially the workers and friends who took time out of their busy schedules to paint bags, bead bracelets and visit the venues bearing gifts as they have little to no reason to put in that much effort again!

A cloud of mystery now circles Qld Brothel Workers - where are their minds at and how do they define themselves? Any input is better than none, so please know that the opinion polls are open - hell, even a speculative hypothesis is better than the silence.

Perhaps its time CrimsonCat works in a few brothels?

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