Thursday, April 3, 2008


As you are aware, is has been a 15 month process since SQWISI in Southern Queensland closed its doors, and 10 months since the organization voluntarily wound down and closed all services across the state.

The Health Dept had contracted two consultants, Julie Bates and Rigmor Berg, to do an needs Assessment of Sex Workers in QLD. They gathered input from sex workers around QLD and are reporting back to QLD Health.

Just wondering whether anyone here met up with them and provided their input?

The report to QLD Health is concerned with the HIV/AIDS, Hep C and sexual health education as well as other needs of Sex Workers.

If you didn't meet with the consultants but wish you had, or if this is the first you have heard about this, you can rest easy knowing you have another chance to voice your opinion.

Crimson Coalition would like to hear from you.

What have you done since the closure of SQWISI? How did you feel about it closing? What are your thoughts / suggestions regarding the needs of sex workers from a Government funded sex worker service? What have you done in fulfillment of these needs for yourself and / or your peers? What challenges have you faced and what suggestions can be made?

Your critical opinions are valued greatly.

Scarlet Alliance is making a formal and public submission to Qld Health documenting efforts made by individual sex workers and sex worker organizations since closure of SQWISI.

Crimson Coalition will be making a submission of its own as well as providing Scarlet Alliance with feedback for theirs.

Please contact Crimson Coalition via email to provide your input.

Thank you :)