Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sexual Health Awareness Week Feb 14 - 21

Hey Sexy

Wanna get your rocks off but stay safe? Do yourself a favour and see a sex worker!

Did you know that:
  • Sex workers use safer sex techniques with their clients and know all about how to use condoms, dams and lubes to maintain their own sexual health as well as their client's?
  • It's against the law in Queensland for a client to ask a sex worker to provide a sexual service (vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex) without a condom or dam?
  • There has been no documented case of HIV transmission by a sex worker to a client (or vice versa) in Australia?

Sex workers are safer sexual health workers!


molly said...

it sill amazes me hoe many guys ask me for no comdomes in oral and even sex saying they are clean wow well good 4 u guys but im happy living and i chose to be a sex woker i enjoy my work so no thank you i dont ask you to drive to work and not wear a seat belt or safty hat so please dont ake me to put my life in danger xx molly

Crimson Coalition said...

Good on you Molly - lots of clients will give it a try (especially to get oral without a condom) but why take the risk of getting something that's gonna put you out of action?

Crimson Candi