Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can private workers in Queensland have a receptionist or a driver?

In a word - NO, not yet.

There have been a few requests for info about this recently because the State Government have decided to go ahead with the Crime and Misconduct Commission recommendations from the REGULATING OUTCALLS review which included a proposal to allow private sex workers to have a receptionist. However, the government haven't changed the law yet and there's no way of telling how it will be changed or when.

So the legal situation for private sex workers in Queensland is still that you have to work alone unless you hire a bodyguard (with a Crowd Controllers' Licence) but this bodyguard cannot place your advertisement or answer your phone or take the money or be your driver.

Whether you can pay a driver to do outcalls is still a grey area.

Some police from the Prostitution Enforcement Task Force (PETF) have said in the past that it is ok to pay a driver (just like you would a cab driver or a chauffeur) but only if the driver gets a fee to drive only and doesn't hold the money or act as a bodyguard.

Crimson Candi

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beccy-babe said...

I am so insulted as a human being that i have no right to employ a basic cleaner, when i have always had that right when i was a poor, stay at home mum with four kids at my feet and a stack of bills.
I find the entire topic of any rules at all on my personal sexuality as a female human being to be of the most disturbing and horrific insult to me.
It feels like i have been kicked in the head after 23 years of service to my fellow man, and now that my kids are grown up after 30 years as a mum, this is how the human race treats shit! An outcast...A recluse..Not even allowed to share a cup of tea on the balcony of my home with my fellow workers in my industry.
How pitiful that is illegal for me to be a real human being. I have to pretend that i am a porn star and a junky or a criminal. I am most certainly kept as a sex slave by a society who hates my entire gutz, body and soul. I am condemned and spat on by the very people who use my service and also those who make profit from my dirty money through advertising(but i am not allowed to freely advertise) through images and jokes (but i am not allowed to show my images or larf at me and my actress) the gov wants my tax money but offers me no more than to re-train into a job where i will earn in one week what i now earn in one hour. Teach me self defence? ((teach me TO SPELL FIRST???))...To defend my body against the Gentlemen who pay me several hundreds of dollars per hour to make love with me? (is it a joke?) Teach me to be a brothel owner? Why would i want to rip off my mates? I do not understand the greed and rudeness.
I am 47 soon and i still never did get my first home and even if i can earn a grand every day of my life of 500 without even trying, it means nothing! Nothing at all! I am a con woman! I am a cheat! A whore who steals! That is what the world thinks of a prostitute because they do not see sex as being worth a single thing and that to me, means, they do not respect themselves and that means, that, as a mum, i am shit. As a woman, i am shit! As a fuck, i am shit!
I am the very best and very most popular and favorite girl amongst the clients and have been for so long, much to my mates disgust and hatred but i always wanted to share!
I was snobbed by my own industry!
I have a website! I offered free ads to everyone in my industry, thru the united sex union or whatever they are called.
Over a year ago i joined and i did beg and beg and beg to make some friends...just to talk to others.
Now i am so hurt! So insulted and degraded and humiliated and sad that i feel like leaving town and ripping down my website.
I am sick of being an evil whore!
I am a human being! That is what i am and i think it is beyond belief that anyone at all should discuss my intimate vagina and my personal magic as a species on this planet.
I feel exploited! I feel exposed! I feel cursed and persecuted! I feel slaughtered not honored! I do not feel proud or praised or loved by my peers or cared for by any member of the human race! I feel hated and despised by every single human being on this planet who ever looks into my eyes!
Sure, my clients love me properly as a Lady when they are with me. But we are all human and of course i know what one man says to another because they ring me up and tell me so, do they not?
I aint no fool! I aint no dumb blonde bimbo...I just pretend to be a sexual creature with a body like a machine...It is my job!
My JOB!!! MY JOB!!!
Thanks and hope you learn to like my image because you do not get a choice! I am here! And i aint guna go away! OK???